And away I go!


So, here I am, sat in terminal 5 waiting to be called for my flight.
I can’t help but confuse the two most prominent emotions I’m experiencing at the moment – nervousness and excitement. I’m excited beyond belief about experiencing the city, experiencing the many different people I will encounter and meet, and excited about living in a city with such a fantastically iconic culture. I’m nervous about pretty much the same things, with the additional dose of fear and anxiety, but that can only be expected after watching ‘City of God’ a few nights ago…
Anyway, enjoying my experience so far – Heathrow provides the perfect scene for people watching.
I’ve cheekily tried twice, unsuccessfully, to upgrade my ticket for the flight, but probably because I’m pretty much wearing a track suit and should have been relegated to the luggage compartment.
I look forward to posting more pictures and writing about what I see and get up to!
Oh…. And those who follow Cara Delevigne on Instagram would have noticed that she too is enjoying Rio de Janeiro at the moment, expect to hear her announcing her engagement to me in the next few weeks. ❤ Cara Crabb.


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